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Mark-O-Matic LLC specializes in vacuum tube products and other interesting DIY. 


Products and Services - 

Hand wired custom designed vacuum tube devices

Vacuum tube testing and sales

Vacuum tube tester repair and sales

Private recording studio services (for commercial studio services in the Eugene/Springfield OR area please see Sprout City

Legal Disclaimer - Do It Yourself Information on this site is offered as is and without warranty. Mark-O-Matic LLC is not responsible for damage to any gear you choose to self modify or that you connect a modified device too, or for personal injury as a result of any inforamtion used or misused from this site.  As always ensure that you are well versed in safe operation and handling of any electrical device before attempting to work on it, particularly devices using high voltages.  As the saying goes, "There are old electricians, and there are bold electricians, but there are no old bold electicians.  

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